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October 07, 2010


Margo Millure

Thanks for the nice mention of my post and The Travel Belles, Ellen. Uh... kind of ironic alongside a packing in one bag post. I still have a ways to go in working towards that one! :)


Hi Margo,

Well, read and learn! As I will continue to try to do with that packing thing...



This is a good read for people like me who loves to travel solo most often than not especially if I want to break away from my daily hectic schedules.

I specifically agree on do not be too rigid about your travel schedules or itineraries. I always leave a room for changes of directions. I really feel excited when I do some detours because as per experience, it always leads me to discovering new places, new things and meet interesting personalities.

There was one time that I was traveling down south in a tropical country and instead of going to the resort that I usually stay, I decided to follow the promo I read in a brochure when I was in the bus. I never had a single regret because it led me to discover a new relaxing paradise that has a spa services which were very affordable and truly rejuvenating. So, I have learned that one should be spontaneous, from time to time, to be surprised with other things unplanned.

As for choosing the travel bag, I suggest that purpose should be over fashion. While you really want to look good with your pictures with your getaway bag, it is important that you should be comfortable so that you won't encounter hindrances if you go spontaneous or decide to have change of plans.

I go for backpack or carry on luggage that is not bulky but with many pockets or compartments to accommodate a lot of little things I need. This is my travel bag principle. I don’t want to experience the mistake that I had wherein I brought a big one and I was not able to wear all the clothes I brought – because I decided to change my travel plans midway :-)



You sound like a very enthusiastic solo traveler. I like your style!


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