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January 30, 2008



When I was single, those supplements drove me bonkers. Now that I'm coupled, I couldn't care less. Kidding! I do think that SS's are in part justifiable because the outfitter does have to pay more for another room. However, in order to bring in customers and just plain be good to them, both the outfitters and the hotels should discount the supplement so it's not so freakin' painful for the traveler. On the other side of the coin, many European countries charge all hotel rates per person, sometimes for the same room. That hurts when you're coupled!


Just remember, placeswegopeoplewesee, even if you have to pay per person when you're a couple, you've got two incomes to do it with. I'm not sure what hotels can do to make it feel more equal for all of us but I'd love to see them try.

Wild Writer

Hi Ellen,

I just wanted to stop by and say "Hi!". I love your blog and I was really happy you mentioned it in Travelwriters.com. It's about time more attention was paid to solo travellers - especially solo female travellers!


Thanks so much for letting me know, Wild Writer (love the moniker).
I really do think there's a huge audience out there of solo travelers, female and otherwise (hm, there's only one other "otherwise" isn't there?)
Now I just need to get the word out so that people who are sitting home, dying to travel, but too scared to go alone, can read the blog and get themselves out the door!


I will be soooo glad when the single supplement goes away! I found what I thought was an unbelievable deal to Bali, and was on the verge of booking it when I realized that it would cost me $400 more than advertised because I am a solo traveler. Ugh.

Maybe if more hotels had single-occupancy rooms??


I heartily agree. Something has to be done about the single supplement.
And it's something I'm going to be looking into a lot on this Web site. I'm a reporter in "real life" so I WILL be making many phone calls about this.

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