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April 14, 2008



You don't have to imagine it if you go to Europe, because that's how room rates are set at many if not most hotels there. On the flip side, it feels annoying when you have to pay *extra* for two people!


To play devil's advocate, how do you mean you're paying "extra?" In Europe, as two people booking, you have a larger room; you use twice as much water and twice as many towels as one person; and since breakfast usually is included, you eat, on average, twice as much food. From what I've learned, single rooms in Europe are smaller than doubles, so it's not a fair comparison.
The "unfair" version of things is hotels that put single people in double rooms because they don't have any single rooms; they offer no free breakfast; and still expect one person to pay what two people pay...two people, again, who are using more water and more towels, and possibly mussing up two different beds, if they are friends sharing a room with two doubles...which equals higher labor costs for the hotel. So you COULD say, single travelers might actually SAVE hotels money...

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