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March 02, 2009


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I saw Nawal's concert on TV but would definately like to hear this incredible music live! I have never seen The Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage and the combination of these two factors sounds really great.


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Seeing Nawal in person certainly added a dimension. For one, she was performing barefoot. And, although she had a beautiful red wrap on her head to start, it began to come down as she played, and part of the spectacle of the live show was waiting to see what she'd do about it. (Eventually, she removed it completely.)
Plus she has a way about her - shoulders moving up and down, eyes closing, head tilting- that's intriguing. As was her hand motions to get the audience to sing along on "Salama" (peace) and to stand up and dance to another song.

I hope you get to see her some day!


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