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October 10, 2009



Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.


The RSS feed is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BoldlyGoSolo
I must have accidentally removed that from my site. I will put it back up asap.
Thanks for letting me know.

Elizabeth Rankin

I love Tlaq. and wondered if you ever came across a store off the main promenade that sold one of a kind bags? I bought one in 2012 but couldn't find the store in 2013 [March-April] couldn't even remember the name but thought I knew the location but never found it!I just came across a carry all bag that I must have been given when I purchases the bag with the name
4 GATOS with a website but couldn't get any translation and from what was presented on the page it didn't seem to be at all related.

E. Rankin



I wish I could help you but alas...

I too found a great bag during my travels in Ecuador about 10 years ago-which I'll likely never be able to replace-so I know how that feels.

They DO have a lot of great shops in Tlaq...that much I remember. Good luck and let me know if you find it!

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