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July 06, 2010



Thanks Ellen!


Anytime, Kelly!

(Kelly is the blogger whose post I quote here.)

Nick Laborde

Thanks for the link, I'm sure it will help...I'll be dealing with the naysayers soon...



That's funny! Let us know what they say...we'll see if we can come up with great comebacks.



I've found that the most effective comeback to comments or questions about going solo is "OK... Does that mean you want to go with me?" That shuts 'em up real fast!



You've got to be careful with that one! I've spent many a delicate moment trying to dissuade people from traveling with me on my adventures when I've wanted to go alone...or not with that person!


I never had that delicate problem, Ellen. That's probably why I end up going alone!

I use the "invitation" comeback only for people who I know are married and have kids, and couldn't possibly go with me even if they wanted to. Those are the people who have never heard of a solo vacation, and thus have authority to criticize me for it.


Ah, now I get it.
It is amazing how startled people get when they hear for the first time that I travel alone.

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