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August 13, 2010



So true, so true. It's very difficult traveling with other people who are on a different budget from you. And if you have to compromise what you're willing to spend on a vacation because of your traveling companions, won't you wind up resenting them for that?


Exactly, Gray.
And budget is just one of many issues that divide people traveling together.

I just got back from a weekend away during which I felt like I had to compromise WAY too much with my traveling companion.

There is something I would have done that I didn't because he didn't want to stand in line. I understood that, but I would have gone and waited.
I would have stopped off on the way home and visited a pal who used to live near me in DC, but I didn't want to bore my friend.

I apologized for insisting on a brunch place I really wanted to go to because my friend didn't like much on the menu.

We left at first, but couldn't find another brunch place open (it was late and it was a smallish town) so we ended up back there. And I apologized! For doing what I wanted to do on vacation! He ended up enjoying the brunch but I didn't like having to go through the "rough patch" to get there.

And on and on.

My next trip MUST be solo! I need to get back the control over my vacations!!!



WORD. I hate feeling like I have to apologize for doing what I want to on vacation. It's the "hostess" syndrome. We feel like we are responsible for the other person having a good time and place a greater importance on that than having a good time ourselves. I like your declaration. Yes, take back control of your vacations! Go solo! :-)


Unless you're traveling with your ideological identical twin, you're going to encounter some resistance and compromise at some point on a trip. There a people in my life who are worth it, but they're a very, VERY small minority. Instead, 9 times out of 10, I travel solo.


SingleOccuBlog -

I hear you! Still looking for that ideological identical twin...

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