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September 22, 2010


Lisa at Wanderlust Women

In all fairness it is a fair question and not appropriate to chide someone who may not be worldly. As a solo traveler who call's London her second home, London has changed over the years. There are likely more terrorists in London but there is increased security as well. There are also more pick-pockets than in some cities and they are quite skilled. There are certain tube stops you shouldn't walk through or get off at night (i.e. some in South London). These are important things to learn ahead of any trip to any major city. London is no more dangerous than NYC but that being said, an American woman traveling abroad these days just needs to be a bit more cautious than 10 years ago. It's a fact of life and nothing to make fun of anyone for.



I hear you on taking precautions. And I didn't think of it as chiding the woman who posted the question. Who was not identified, in any case. But I accept that some people might have read it that way. It was a bit tongue in cheek.

The point is, it doesn't make sense to label a Western city dangerous or not dangerous. Certainly it makes sense to talk about what specific dangers there are in neighborhoods or what precautions to take at various times of day.

But I repeat, is Dallas dangerous? Is Los Angeles dangerous? How can one answer that?

The answer is, as I said, it depends. I would never tell someone London is safe, nor would I say London is dangerous.

London is a big city. Be educated, use street smarts and treat it like you'd treat any big city.

Just don't tar an entire place with one brush. I traveled perfectly safely in Mexico despite reading about all the dangers in the paper practically every day. The entire country is not dangerous. I would never be able to answer the question "Is Mexico dangerous?"

It depends.



" . . . You should stay home and lock yourself in your room and never come out! . . ."

Of course that is not safe either - radon gas, bed bugs, rabid stray cats prowling outside your window at night, neighbors singing karaoke, and I bet a meteorite could come crashing right through your flimsy roof! :-)

(This great comment was received via my email but I thought I'd share it. Loved it!)


editor [at] solotravel.org

London is as safe as any other large city. The key thing to safe solo travel is to be aware of your surroundings and have a plan of where you want to go.

Avoid walking alone at night in dangerous areas too.


solotravel - I completely agree. Thanks.


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