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September 08, 2013


Janet Singer

OMG, that's YOU?! I'm woozy! So impressed!


That's me! I'm woozy too. The only time I wasn't woozy was while I was up there...

Clark Norton

Do you mean to tell me that lifting a table with my teeth was all for naught? My dentist wasn't happy about it, either. www.clarknorton.com


That was you? Cool.
No, of course that was not for naught Clark. It was impressive in its own right. And I think you'll get to keep your record because fewer of us will be able to match or better it.

James O'Reilly

Must do EdgeWalk next time I'm in Toronto! - thanks for the tip.


Must NOT do EdgeWalk next time I'm in Toronto! - thanks for the tip


But seriously.... I'm VERY impressed. Still not tempted though. I looked through plexiglass floor on Sears Tower and could barely breathe.


Yah, EdgeWalk is not for everyone. Hm. Probably not for most people.

Mark Hansen

I'm not too bad with heights, but I don't think that I would be leaning back quite that far... you must have had a lot of trust in your harness. :-)


Mark - if I look at that photo and think about it now, I would say, what was I, crazy?
But somehow, when I was up there, no problem.
And several different people DID check that harness - at least three.

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