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September 07, 2013


Jan McKinley


James O'Reilly

Ellen, you are so right about reading and travel, and now of course I need to read Changes in Latitude. But back to Hawaii, you would enjoy reading Travelers' Tales Hawai'i ed by Rick and Marcie Carroll http://www.amazon.com/Travelers-Tales-Hawaii-Stories-Guides/dp/1932361286. It will make you want to go back more frequently. I've been going to Hawaii since 1981--easier of course from West Coast than D.C... There are wonderful things about each island. Hard to say which my favorite, though I lean to the Big Island and Kauai; I know Oahu the least.


Jan and James - as of now, you each have a 50% chance of getting the book. ;-)

James, I love the sound of Travelers' Tales Hawai'i. It's going on the to-read list too. Thanks. I've read other Traveler's Tales books and enjoyed them. Great writers!

Lisa Lucas

Don Ho! Ukelele!

Janet Singer

Volcanoes! And I believe the sport in the first picture is kite boarding - Janet.

Barbara Ramsay Orr

Roaming roosters and Pupu dogs on Kauai


Barbara - yes! The roaming roosters. There's a whole story behind those for readers who want to google that.
Pupu dogs? I only know pupu platters...

Janet - volcanoes. Of course! I still need to get to the big island and see the active one.

Lisa - Don Ho... a nostalgia trip for sure. And if ukeleles aren't Hawaii, I don't know what is.

Ted Marcus


Irene Rawlings

Hana (still small. still Hawaii--after all the day trippers leave). The Hana Highway. Hasegawa's General Store. Travaasa Hana Hotel (great little spa). Charles Lindburgh's grave at Palapala Hoomau Congregational Church.


omigod saimin! Ted - fantastic.
I just searched my blog to see if I'd ever written about Hamura's Samin and I don't see it but I sure should have. Hamura's Saimin, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii.
Stools at formica counters - unbelievable food. See a video and review here:


I will NEVER go to Kauai without fitting in a stop there - or two or three. It was one of the best meals I've ever eaten.


Irene - Hana. Of course!
I started that drive (a very windy drive on Maui - stay overnight if you go) but didn't leave time to get all the way there.
Now I will know the places to see when I get back there. Thanks!


Barbara - after a brief google search, I'm thinking those must be puka dogs you're referring to?

www.pukadog.com (pupu doesn't get me far...or to anything very nice)

Jane in DC

Kuaii's Napali coastline. Whale watching. Reefer.


Napali coast for sure. What kind of whales? I'll have to explore. Reefer? You'd have to explain. ;-)


Luaus, leis and ukuleles. The cursed idol Bobby Brady finds. Other 70s kitsch.

A'a and pahoehoe lava. Akekee and o'o birds. But that's 'cause I work at a natural history museum.

Gotta' go there some day to see it for myself.


I'm learning lots here. Must visit Smithsonian. Soon.


Spam on sushi rice is delicious and you can get it anywhere, even the 7-11! Of course I never made it off of Oahu, so what do I know? The craziest thing I learned in Hawaii is that California law requires that all pineapples that enter California be inspected (that's not crazy, that's smart). The crazy part is they fly the pineapples to California, then back to Hawaii, so tourists can buy them at the airport to take home. Seems putting a full-time California inspector in Hawaii would be more cost effective. Not sure if that's still true, but it was then.


Hurricane Andrew

Ann Cochran

My lovely daughter-in-law, Kathleen, is Hawaiian and she must miss it so much, living in Georgia with my son and their baby, who has the middle name of Kahikiamaikalani.


Ann - I'd love to hear that name pronounced.


Hiking volcanoes & surf -- beauty


Very KEWL and a place on our list to go...just moved up some....thanks Ellen




Aloha JT and Victoria - beautiful place indeed.

Emilie  C.  Harting

Wow! Now I want to go to Hawaii!

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